All the craziness

7 Sep

To say our transition back to Dar has been simple was be an outright lie. Its been absolutely crazy. We got back, and the next night, 30 young people descended on our house for Thursday night P3, (prayer, praise and pilau, a local rice dish). that weekend, i was on the docet to speak at the Ocean. After a slow couple days, the Ocean has grown even since we returned. People are discovering a "Christ Centered, Culture Creating, Community of Faith Hope and Love in Dar Es Salaam"

Our kids seems to have born the blunt part of transition. Alana has had ameoba, which means lots of diareahh, and nasty medicine. Someone, Riley came up with Chicken Pox.

while home, Aaron and Laura van Luven heard us speak at a event at Cedar Valley church, and signed up to come and work with us for 11 months. They got here last friday, and its finally becoming a little more normal for them I believe.

I'm in the middle of a series from the life of Joseph that I love to go back to called "The Dreamer's Journey". It comes out different everytime, but I love it, hopefully others are enjoying it too. In 2 weeks, we start our new series called "Humanity 10.1: Become Human... Again"

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