#bringbackourgirls or #sendintheSeals and why neither is the answer

9 May

Bring home our girls: A different perspective.

Social media has a new darling. It’s the bring “Bring Home Our Girls” campaign. Unless you’ve been buried under a rock the last week, you know of the 250 school girls stolen by the militant group Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria. I resonate with the movement, though wonder what actual good will come of it.

In and off myself, I would rather see #BringHomeourGirls become #letsSendInTheSeals. A couple things to consider in all of this.

The NYT Columnist Robert Brookes writes a great piece today about how this isn’t the real story of Africa. He references another very sardonic article as well. The truth is that Africa is complex. In the scheme of things, thousands died from AIDS today. Human killed many more. Malaria, Typhiod. Lack of healthcare. Boko Haram had nothing to do with any of these. The greater story of Africa’s beauty and genius also gets lost. As in the past, this will turn into another cause to donate money to, another system that sucks resources and doesn’t solve anything. The challenge is that Boko Haram is a small group making a lot of noise, and the social media world is its current mouthpiece. Trust me, everything that can be done is being done to get these girls back. Everything from now on is simply free advertising for Boko Haram. The reality is that 1.2 billion people call Africa home. “It has 54 fully recognized sovereign states ("countries"), nine territories and two de facto independent states with limited or no recognition.[4]” (Wikipedia)

The solution in my worldview is simple. The hearts of people. The heart of man needs to be captured by love. The Love of Christ in my view. Sure, religion has been blamed for all the great ills of society, and though it’s a nice rallying cry, its simply not true. Hitler, Stalin and ideologies have killed more people than any religious wars. Territorial battles and economics have killed more people than religious conflicts. Our deep reaction is against the idea that human could commit atrocities in the name of God. And that speaks to the heart of every man which longs for God to be good. What should we go then? Make noise, sure. But think. Act slowly, carefully. You won’t help this situation. That’s the sad part. But you might, through thoughtful prayer and action, be part of the future solution.