21 Mar


The Power of Micro-Second Personal Brand management.

We are in the age of personal brands. All media is now social media, (when was the last time you saw an add without a FB, Twitter, or web link) and individuals now have the same power that people like Michael Jordan developed in the 80ies and 90ies with the Air Jordan brand. 

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The fundamental difference is in the amount of time your personal brand gets to make an impact.

Seth Godin, one of my favorite bloggers, speaks about how nothing you do online is forgotten, and even more so now in the Social Era.  “Like” or “Share” is a micro second decision that becomes a brand statement that can last for years and years. When was the last time you reviewed the pages you had “liked” on Facebook? Jordan built his brand over years and years. The Air Jordan brand is still one of the most carefully administered brands out there, a decade after his Airness laced up his shoes. 

I have gotten myself in trouble with some for speaking out, questioning their “likes.” The challenge and issue with Social is that a “like” without context means you agree with a story that being told. The danger is that if the story that is being told is different than the one you “like” BUT you are still linked. Or your intent in liking a page is not fully clear. 

In the last few days, I’ve written and deleted a number of posts. I have people all the time recommend their page, or ask me to LIKE their page. Others, friends and family, will share a photo, without looking at the source line, and I end up with some profanity laced link saying “Friend X shared “*@x!@@&’s picture. The picture is shareable,  but the source is what shows up in the newsfeed.

And with the nano-seconds people spend looking at my post in their newsfeed, do I really want to be see as promoting that product, telling that story?

In business, the axiom is “hire slowly-fire quickly.” In the Era of Social, the new axiom should be share frequently, generously what originality you have. But “share” carefully and “like” only what you want on your life resume.

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