Gay Marriage: Legal According to who?

19 May


A radical notion on gay marriage: Legal before whom?

I’ve watched and listened as the argument about gay marriage has come even here to Tanzania. The argument has moved in the US from an issue of moral authority to an issue of rights. Which is a dangerous road to travel down. Rights are a tricky way to lead a society. Especially when we are dealing with a sub segment of society. For example large portions of the American population are now immigrants from cultures where female circumcision, or mutilation, is an accepted cultural practice. It’s their right based upon their culture to do this. Oftentimes it’s the women who promote and perpetuate this system. The same people who argue for the “right” for homosexuals to marry would probably be among those strenuously opposing the “right” of a subsegment of culture to practice something they find abhorrent. The issue is legality. If the argument is “what they do behind closed doors is up to them” is the truth, then all sorts of doors are open. (Don’t write me hate emails saying I’m comparing the 2 practices, I’m not. I’m comparing arguments. )

According to US law, in some states homosexuals can marry. In other states they can. Legally. But believers in Jesus have to face an uncomfortable truth that local laws make something acceptable according to the culture. However, it does not mean that God recognizes the validity of that cultural norm. What I’m saying is this. Abortion is legal in all 50 states but illegal before God. Who do we turn to for our greater authority? It’s not homophobic to say we disagree. That we think behavior is wrong. Homophobic is by definition to be afraid of homosexuals. I’m not afraid of my homosexual friends. I disagree with their lifestyle choices.

Marriage was instituted by God. He holds copyright on the idea. So whether Christians win the cultural war ultimately doesn’t matter. Whether the Supreme Court decides that the Constitution gives legal rights for gay marriage or defines marriage as between 1 man and 1 woman doesn’t matter. How many of the opponents of Gay Marriage are on their third “straight” marriage? Both are violating a greater law than written by Jefferson and Co. The Bible is the standard for rule and conduct. All fall short. And we live under the law of grace. But admonitions about morality are there in the New Testament. The same moral law that guided the Mosaic Law is throughout the New Testament. It’s simply that our solutions are different.  Ultimately though, the validity of an idea is not decided at the location, state, or national level. As a follower of Jesus, I believe God decides. So approve gay marriage. Constitutionally forbid it. Doesn’t matter what we do. Ultimately, matters what God does.

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