Lies the Church believes coming out of this election

25 Nov

Lies Christian’s believe coming out of the elections

1.     The church has lost its witness

A recent Huffington Post article claimed the Evangelical Church in America had lost its witness because white voters largely supported Trump. 

            I didn’t vote Trump. I didn’t vote Hillary. I’m a white, middle aged, college educated man, with a master’s degre who lives paycheck to paycheck.I voted third party. I have an adopted son from Kenya, who happens to also be disabled. I have lived most of my life abroad, and currently teach at a private, Pentecostal Christian University in Minneapolis.

            What my well intentioned, millennial friend fails to understand …

            1. The church is always a witness to Jesus Christ and his resurrection. That’s something our own failures, perceived or real, can never take away. The reality of belief in the Resurrection of Jesus is that to which Christians truly bear witness. Our own personal testimonies are secondary to the truth of the Gospel.

The church, especially in the United States, but globally as well, is not and will never be, limited to a small ethnic minority. To believe this lie is to believe that the church is not made up of Hispanics, Immigrant Communities and African Americans. Have they lost their witness as well?  Of course not.

2.     The future of the church is connected with the future of American elections.

Of course, no one seriously believes this premise, but somehow we feel it. Yet wise voices, the voices who have walked this planet many years, have reminded us that the church would survive a Hillary win. The church will also survive a Donald win. The future of the church is tied to the glorious body of Christ fulfilling its remaining mission, to bring to Christ, people from every tribe, tongue and nation on earth. North American prominence in that mission may decrease, but that was already happening as our brothers and sisters around the world take their rightful places in leading the Kingdom and leading the missionary effort of the church.

Did the other churches who voted largely in other directions “lose their witness” because they voted pro-abortion? If we follow this argument, we can revile anyone who votes, unless we were voting for Jesus. And He’s not up for election. This is simply poor thinking.

3.     Our primary citizenship is earthly.

Its not that we aren’t American citizens. We are. But the delusion that many who don’t truly understand their citizenship rests in heaven. The Apostle Paul would at times participate in the forum that was Roman politics, and in Jewish politics. But he, along with the rest of the early church, lived the reality that “my kingdom is not of this world-Jesus.”

The United States is a world power. So is China. Some could argue Russia. But, should Christ tarry, that prominence will rise and fall. That is world history.

Certainly, the reputation of some has been diminished in the eyes of society. But that reputation was already gone before this election. Backward, behind the times, irrelevant, strange, out of touch. These were only opinions that were reaffirmed, not generated by this election result. Either way, the enemy was going to be happy with either result coming out of this election.

So lets silence the voices of doom and gloom. Let us recognize that the church has never been a sub-faction of a certain political party in America. Let us stand up together, and proclaim salvation to the nations in no other name. Because until Christ’s death is no longer sufficient for salvation, weak and failed women and men will still proclaim him to other weak and failed women and men. And that is witness.  Whatever the Huffington Post says or doesn’t. 

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