Moving back to MN

8 Jun

We are taking the position as Missionary in Residence at North Central then planning to return overseas. Pray for Housing! 






We've moving again! 

In August, the Porter family will be moving to the Twin Cities area to take a 1-2 year assignment as the Missionary in Residence at North Central University, the same school where Tahnya and I were trained as missionaries so many years ago. 
(questions? Give us a call! 651 272 0026)

Then what?

Our plan is still to return to international ministry. We are still asking God about the specific location, and obviously our plan has to be subject to the lord. The specific location will be determined in the next 12 months. We will have to be somewhere to fits our family’s unique medical needs.

Are you still missionaries?

Yes. We still need your support, more than ever. The Missionary in Residence program is a long standing program in the Assemblies of God that recognizes the need to have young, aspiring ministers and missionaries be taught by people who are “fresh” off the field, so to speak.  My life, and many leaders in the AG world missions, were trained during the time Dr. Doug Lowenberg gave to North Central, even though his heart was to be on the mission field. 

How can we pray?

PRAY FOR HOUSING! The Twin Cities is not a cheap place to live. We need single level housing because of Joshua’s use of the wheelchair. If you know of anyone who has a home for rent or missions housing available, please let us know right away.
Our kids are now on 3 moves in 3 years. That is a lot of transition, even for little kids. Joshua is going into middle school, with all the challenges that entails. 

How can we help?

So many people have walked on this journey with us as we have figured out Joshua’s health challenges with Muscular Dystrophy. That is an ongoing battle for sure. But in the meantime, our support has dwindled somewhat. We need to increase our monthly supporters and could also use an infusion of cash into our work budget. click here to join our support team or give a 1 time gift. 
It has been a privilege and honor to serve as the first Africa Communications Director. I will, as much as time allows, continue to spend a portion of my time working with the Africa Office, assisting them in communications as much as I am able. 

I was privileged to do another video with Network211. Here is a link to share with anyone who might be struggling with sickness. 

Every 5 years, Charles reconnects with some friends from North Central who are also in ministry for a trip to the MN boundary waters. Here's a link to his photo album. 

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