Mowing Maniac

23 Jul

My backyard neighbor is a mowing fanatic. Seriously, the guy mows his yard in the rain. Really, you’ve got nothing better to do? I’m starting to wonder if he got some sort of lawsuit settlement. And I’ve got to admit, he’s starting to get to me. Now, I notice when my grass starts getting unruly. I’m enjoying the look of a freshly cut yard.

The other day as I was keeping up with Mr. Mowing, music blaring in my ears, I started to notice a few things.

  • If you keep your grass short, it’s easier to mow and takes a fraction of the time.
  • My values have begun to change. Now, my heart wants my new neighbor to the east to mow more often. And use weed killer. Common man, its not that expensive. 
  • The simpler the yard, the easier it is to mow. As a kid, we moved into a home where a gardening nut had lived prior. Hours were dedicated to mowing around stupid rose bushes.
  • The discipline of mowing the grass isn’t hard. My neighor has never ever said hi to me. But I’ve felt the pressure because of the discipline in his life that I’ve begun to want.


My take aways?

  • Keep short accounts. Don’t let anger grow. Resentment. Bitterness. The idea that those things will never grow in my life is ludicrous. But I don’t have to let it get long.
  • What are the values that Charles holds that he shouldn’t. What does God value that I don’t?
  • Life is complicated. Fundraising, Facebook, family, money, its easy to let things get really complicated. That makes for a cool life, but a lot of gardening of the soul. How can I simplify?
  • Who is pressuring me for the good in my life without using words? Whom am I do that for?

Who influences you and why?

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