From Paris with Love Part 2

27 May

A Lover's Kiss and Worship

Parisian Lovers

Having lived in a more conservative, slightly Islamic leaning society for years now, the numerous public displays of affection, the kissing, hey lets just call it what it is, “making out” in public that I saw quite frequently, well, lets just say its not been my regular diet for a while. As dad and I sat awaiting our train, exhausted from our walking the city, a young couple starts kissing in front of us. The train arrives, and she gets on, heading home, her lover left behind, forlorn until tomorrow.

I can’t be wonder if anyone understood the public display of affection that day on the cross when Jesus died. I doubt anyone saw that as heaven’s kiss. Certainly, everyone was uncomfortable, wanting it to stop. But like a Parisian lover who cares not if the world looks on, God delivered his own public display of affection. On the cross, God locked his locket of love and threw away the key.

“for God demonstrated his own love for us in this. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

“Behold, I have carved you in the palms of my hand”

“Nothing can separate us from his love”

What's ackward is when you catch one lover looking around, worried about what the bystanders will think. For me, the reality of the meaning of this is in the act of worshipping God. I'm not overly exuberant or demonstrative. But I live my life in a fish bubble of being watched for everything I do. So when I got off the plane in Dar, I hugged my kids, and then I kissed my wife like I was on waiting for a train in Paris. Lesson learned.

Now, I want to learn to worship God like a Parisian lover returning a kiss. And I don't care if you watch. Maybe you'll learn something.