A rant about poor logic and western Christianity

22 May

Be forewarned. I'm about to rant. If you need a logical, step by step analysis, not sure this post will be for you. Its so full of holes, it ought to be swiss cheese. 

If I hear one more (insert word of your choice for less than desirable person) write some dumb article or book about how Christiainity is the religion of the West, or the colonialist, or the Imperialist Western Powers, I am going to... well, I can't really do anything but go off on my blog. So here I go.

First of all, study your history. Christianity, or rather the church, which really is what we are, not a religion, but the church pre-dates most of the supposed "original" african religions. The church as a body, as a movement, as a reality, not as a religion, is over 2000 years old. That's long before most local tribal realities were even in existance. Many of the major people group migrations were still happening. People in Africa were worshipping the God of the Jews hundreds of years before the birth of Christ. 

Islam is not the black man's religion. Voodoo is not the original religion of Africa. Before the great human migrations populated this wonderful continent, the original faith and knowledge was of a Creator God.This idea that somehow the solution to Africa's problems is to return to Africa's original culture and religion is so great. So let's return to the worship of creator God. And oh by the way, he revealed himself through Abraham. A semitic Nomad from the Middle East. 

I'll give you that in its current form, most of Christianity in Africa reflects a western cultural heritage. Except maybe the Coptic church, which existed for hundreds of years totally seperated from the rest of Christendom.  I'll concede that ties and suits and vestements are a leftover from colonial days. Or are they a cultural reflection at large? So stop wearing the stupid ties and suits. No one is making you. Just stop it!

In it's current form, much of Africa has embraced many of the fringe elements of Christianity in the West. I've never ever ever ever ever, did I mention I've never ever been to church with a person who wore a pink wig? Or fake eye lashes? Most believers I know in the west are simple people, normal in every way, trying to live out their faith in a living Savior. And oh by the way, that's also most believers I know here in Africa too. Beautiful people who will never fit on stage with Apostle Who knows what, or Prophet I've Given Myself A Title. 

Africa has problems. Those problems have a source. It's not colonialism, neo colonialism, or western imperialists. The western imperialists messed with Asia too, remember? The problems in Africa are human problems, and they will be solved by Africans, not outsider observers, however good intentioned our desires might be. However, bogus solutions come from bogus diagnoses. Africa's problems are the same problems that are in America, in China, in Western Mongolia, Siberia, wherever the sons of Adam have landed. Sin. Selfishness. Pride. Self Reliance. Racism. 

To solution remains the same. In my worldview, it comes to worshipping a Creator God who revealed himself through Jesus Christ. Long before there was such a thing as "The West,"

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