Sleeping with Lions

17 Jul

Once every few years, my wife and I are able to get away for a few days, to just refresh and build on our relationship.

This past weekend, we went down to a get away outside of Eureka Springs, AR. An interesting place to say the least. Neither of us are much into shopping, but the quaint old downtown made spending the afternoon there actually enjoyable. Evenings were spent at our new favorite catfish place.

One afternoon, my wife indulged by photography habit and agreed to go to a big cat rescue center. Though I was disappointed with the photography opportunities (had to shoot everything through 2 levels of wire fencing, and our visit was during most of the feline mid-afternoon naps,) we did get some interesting stories.

Did you know that there are 2x the number of tigers living in homes as pets in the US as there are remaining in the wild? PETS?

With great sadness, we heard story after story about people breeding these beautiful animals and then mistreating them. Born to hunt and chase, to be rulers of their environment, many of these beauties are confined to dog kennels and TV diners. Seriously.

Two particular specimens’ story caught our imagination. An elderly gentleman acquired a male lion cub and a female tiger cub and raised them in his home. The male lion slept in the bed with this guy every night.

Now, I realize that my life story is different, and not everyone has had the opportunity to see wild lions feasting on the carcass of an enormous giraffe. However, I don’t think it would take a genius to quickly discover that a lion is capable of destroying a human. And a Tiger? Are you kidding me?

In our domesticated world, we so often encounter things that are wild and powerful, yet we treat them with contempt because we mistakenly feel we are in charge.

It reminds me of God’s answer to Job. I’ve never really liked the answers. God simply reminds Job of how much bigger and more powerful he is than Job. Just because you can approach the King of kings and Lord of Lord doesn’t mean that we can do so like he’s a trained kitty cat. 

There was a difference between Daniel's outcome and the other wisemen. 

What do you think? Have we become too "buddy buddy" with God? How do you deal with the tension of a personal intimate and at the same time all powerful and completely Holy God?

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