Uhauls and how we gained confidence that God was in this move

6 Mar

The Will of God. Ah, to know the will of God. So many of us, that’s our desire. But if we were honest, our true desire to know the Will of God might also mingle with the lack of desire to live by faith.

When Jesus was with the disciples, they didn’t need faith. They had Jesus. They knew his will because they asked him. Then he went to heaven and sent the Spirit. Who speaks to us through all sorts of different ways.

When we decided to accept this move to Springfield Mo, we did so by faith. We believe in submission to leadership. We believe in the mission of God to share his love on the African continent. And I really think we can help.

Buts it’s so different.

That’s why this afternoon was so incredible. But rewind to yesterday. My boss and I were talking about my transition and we discussed moving options, including renting a Uhaul truck. This afternoon, he calls to say last night that his sister had a dream about him and “Charles Porter.” In it, I was driving a Uhaul down to my bosses house, and unloading stuff, and it was all confused and a mess and Greg came out and helped and we got it all put together and organized. His sister was not aware of the impending move.

How cool is that? So even though we move ahead in uncertainty, at times God just steps in and reminds us “This is the way, walk in it.”

A little more confident.