What Dreams May Come ...and Go

22 Oct

There was a movie that came out years ago when I was in college called What Dreams May Come. 


It is about a man who dies, and goes to heaven.  He eventually descends to hell looking for his wife.  The whole movie is kind of surreal, and yet, gives you a beautifully colored view of death.

For some reason this movie title has been sitting in my head for a few days.  You see, I have been fighting despair.  I have reached the end of myself in so many ways, and one of them has to do with dreams or visions for our life as a family.  I know many people are struggling and in the same boat as we are, but, I have had this little voice inside me saying,”but, I know God sees my dreams, and will honor them”.  

This week, I had another thought. 

What if my dreams are not in His plan?  You know the dream of having a quaint, cute little house in a friendly neighborhood, with a great church and school nearby.  A great job, where you never struggle to make ends meet, and your insurance covers all your family needs.  Or, what about, being used by God to change a nation? or people? or maybe just a few?  What if God’s plan for me is to serve someone else in their job, or focus?  

We as Americans have always pursued ‘the American Dream’. 

And, I am not saying its bad.  But, when God tells us to take his yoke upon us, and our burden will be light, what does this mean?  In my thinking, taking a yoke means a visual picture of oxen under a yoke together.  The yoke causes them to work together, and they are guided by the master.  Their only purpose is to go where he directs them, and otherwise.  A good master takes care of his oxen, and provides for them.  

God is more than that.  He is our Father.  Being under his yoke I submit to His direction and guidance.  His focus becomes my focus.  His work my work.  

I felt rebuked today by God because I am always looking for what’s next.  The next Big Thing.  Simply serving someone else in leadership is not a exciting, or even fun thing at times.  But, if God says to serve and be a blessing, than that is what we do.  I am forever being challenged in this journey of being a Christian to serve first in the little things, and not focus on the Big things.  

If Charles and I are helping our leader accomplish greater things, and reach further for the kingdom by serving behind the scenes, so be it.  In any strategic plan, there are people on the ground, behind the scenes working to help others on the frontlines.  Our struggle is to lay our dreams down, for the good of all, and for the Father.  

Serving Jesus despite what dreams may come and go is our heartbeat.  So, for now, any dreams I might have are laid at the feet of Jesus. 


My prayer is to make Him known.