What they don't tell you in church planting classes

4 Apr

Have you ever noticed everything you do is more work than you thought it would be? Church planting sounds glamous. It sounds fun. It’s meaningful, rewarding work. But don’t miss that last part. Its work. Lots of it. Like Cipher in the Matrix. Had I known the truth, I would have told them to take that blue pill and shove it. Maybe. Probably not. Good things come to those who wait. But good things come to those that work too. I don't save anyone. Jesus does. But I still have to show up.

When you are insignificant (in man's eyes, i know all the good, identity stuff, just go with me here), no one cares what music you do, or how you preach, or what you say except you. Somewhere along the line, you get people who left a different place to come to your place because they liked your place better, then try and make your place just like the place they left. Huh?

Not original to me. But church planting is often about going from a cereal church to a solid church. You know, at first all you get is cereal. Its flakes, nuts and fruity people. But the job of a church planter is to take those people and walk with them to the place where they are solid, planted oaks. Some turn arounds are fast. Most take more time than I’m willing to invest. Glad God isn’t in as much of a hurry with me to grow up as I am with others.

When I had 2 people, no one listened to me. Now that we’ve got 300, my ideas are worse and not as fresh. But people listen more. Weird. Hope I remember to listen to those guys who had better ideas and no people.

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