iPhone 5, Lovers and Haters, part 2, Your momma's fat.

14 Sep



“Well, well, you’re momma’s fat!”

In my previous post, I talked about the passion with which Apple lovers buy into their products. They own Apple. Sure wish I owned Apple stock, BTW. Yikes. Doubled in value in this last year. But that’s my adult ADD kicking in… back to the point.

IPhone 5, lovers and haters, part 1

14 Sep


The Iphone 5.  Awesome!

(Part 1 of .. well a few)

Ok, haters start hating and lovers start loving. This is not a post on the qualities of the iPhone. I have owned a previous gen iPhone twice now. The 3 when the 3S was in. My wife now has it. A 4 when the 4S was in. A thief in Dar es Salaam now owns it.