Debts, the Black Widow and Red Ledgers

24 Jan

"I'm got red on my ledger. I'd like to wipe it off." Black Widow to Hawkeye, AVENGERS 2011. 

Never enough. 

That's how I felt growing up. 

IPhone 5, lovers and haters, part 1

14 Sep


The Iphone 5.  Awesome!

(Part 1 of .. well a few)

Ok, haters start hating and lovers start loving. This is not a post on the qualities of the iPhone. I have owned a previous gen iPhone twice now. The 3 when the 3S was in. My wife now has it. A 4 when the 4S was in. A thief in Dar es Salaam now owns it.


16 Jun

The image is forever seared in my brain. A little white sheep, pure wool, pure white, on the altar before God. Old Testament sunday school 101. God didn't want any animals with blemishes. 

Flannel Graph lamb


But no where in the BIble do I find instructions to bring a pure white unblemished sheep. The Jews were supposed to bring an animal without defect. Not without color.