Proof of Concept young Padawan

11 May


Greg Beggs  has been over me in the chain of command in our mission since day one, 13 years ago. His description of Charles: “he’s an idea a minute.”

Proof of Concept

True, I confess. Ideas flow from my mind like promises from a politician.

It's not my fault, It's not their fault

15 Dec

Results are in from the Tanzania national exams. Thousands and thousands of students were caught cheating. Amidst a national uproar, the issue of teacher pay and renumeration is again in the news. 

The thinking and the easy argument is this. Teachers are so poorly paid, how can they be expected to perform in the classroom. How can they teach in this terrible situation.

Ugly Dreams

8 Dec



I read this post by Seth Godin and it really got me thinking.

What are your dreams? The American dream has now become the Global Dream. Big House, multiple cars, wealth, health, prestige, and indulgence. But is that really your dream? I mean really? And when did we as believers buy the American Dream at the expense of God’s dream?