21 Mar


The Power of Micro-Second Personal Brand management.

We are in the age of personal brands. All media is now social media, (when was the last time you saw an add without a FB, Twitter, or web link) and individuals now have the same power that people like Michael Jordan developed in the 80ies and 90ies with the Air Jordan brand. 

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The fundamental difference is in the amount of time your personal brand gets to make an impact.

Monopoly®, Legos® and American world dominance (Part 1)

10 Jan


Monopoly®, Legos® and American world dominance (Part 1)


I was probably 9 years old the first time I was exposed to half the secret of ensuring the economic future of many Americans. In a hotel room in Germany, a friend pulled out the box. Supposely a game, Monopoly made no sense to me. Quickly labeled boring, the board was quickly abandoned by the younger ones for more entertaining diversions, like hide and seek, and legos.

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