16 Jun

The image is forever seared in my brain. A little white sheep, pure wool, pure white, on the altar before God. Old Testament sunday school 101. God didn't want any animals with blemishes. 

Flannel Graph lamb


But no where in the BIble do I find instructions to bring a pure white unblemished sheep. The Jews were supposed to bring an animal without defect. Not without color.

The Widows Portion

27 Dec


The Widows Portion: The arrogance of the Prophet

As I’ve begun looking ahead at 2012, I can’t seem to get away from the story of the Elijah and the widow.

Elijah is on the run from the King, because the prophet proclaimed drought in Israel. For a while he camps out by a brook and has a pretty nice gig where birds feed him every day. Wonder who lost food to the birds? Then he goes on the run from his own prophecy.

Ugly Dreams

8 Dec



I read this post by Seth Godin and it really got me thinking.

What are your dreams? The American dream has now become the Global Dream. Big House, multiple cars, wealth, health, prestige, and indulgence. But is that really your dream? I mean really? And when did we as believers buy the American Dream at the expense of God’s dream?