It’s not Worship: How our current church music culture diminishes true worshippers.

15 Jun

I think I’ve got a reputation. Not sure, but I’d bet that lots of people think that I’m anti-worship.
They are right.

If by anti-worship, you mean singing, that is. Singing, I’m all for it. You mean prayers put to music. If you mean songs that honor and glorify God through the medium of music and verbal confessions of humans on all ends of the spectrum when it comes to pitch IQ. I’m all for it.

Growing up in a small church, my mom sang and led beautifully. But on the occasions when a certain wanna-be opera singer showed up, “worship” was more like torture. Pain.

From Paris with Love Part 2

27 May

A Lover's Kiss and Worship

Parisian Lovers

Having lived in a more conservative, slightly Islamic leaning society for years now, the numerous public displays of affection, the kissing, hey lets just call it what it is, “making out” in public that I saw quite frequently, well, lets just say its not been my regular diet for a while. As dad and I sat awaiting our train, exhausted from our walking the city, a young couple starts kissing in front of us. The train arrives, and she gets on, heading home, her lover left behind, forlorn until tomorrow.